March 12, 2014

Pia Farrenkopf - died in Michigan years ago and nobody noticed

Pia Farrenkopf as a teenager
The mummified body of Pia Farrenkopf, age 49, was found on March 5, 2014, in the backseat of a Jeep parked in her garage in Pontiac, Michigan.

The Police believe that Pia had died sometime in 2008. Michigan election records state that Pia voted in 2010 but authorities admit that this may be an "administrative error".

Regardless, Pia has been dead for 4 to 6 years. Investigators say it is unlikely the death was a suicide. No one knows if this was a homicide or a death by natural causes - a heart attack or a stroke.

Pia was born in Germany. She worked for Chrysler's finance department but her employment was terminated in September of 2008.

Her bills were automatically withdrawn from her bank account and when the account ran dry the house went into foreclosure.

A contractor for the bank discovered the body after going to the house to undertake roof repairs

A sister of Pia believes that foul play was involved in her death and that she was
Saint Jude, pray for

Foul play was involved in her death and that is the foul play that occurs when someone lies dead for years and no one notices or gives a shit. These sisters were estranged and had not spoken in years. The sister stated that she made repeated attempts to call Pia but she would not answer the phone.

Reportedly, Pia Farrenkopf decided to have nothing to do with her family including her mother and her siblings.  Pia was no doubt suffering from a mental disorder that progressed over time with isolation.

Neighbors of this woman said they never noticed anything amiss. Duh? You have a neighbour who owns a house on your street and you never saw her for something like 4 or 6 years and this didn't ring a bell? Have you all ever heard of Neighborhood Watch? Apparently the neighbors believed that she may have moved back to Germany which is something that she had said she was going to do.

If she had moved back to Germany, she would have sold or rented out her house. So where were the new owners or new renters?

Her former co-workers never asked after her?

Pia is survived by many well-wishers who will pray for her.

Pray for all who are tormented by mental illness. Reach out to your relatives, your co-workers, your neighbors and the disadvantaged. Don't let them be found alone, dead and mummified in a garage.

God help us all.

Pray that Pia is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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