February 17, 2014

North Korea - the nastiness of it all

A United Nations report released on February 17, 2014, with regard to the situation in North Korea, states:
  • The international community must act on evidence that crimes against humanity are being committed in North Korea. 
  • North Koreans have suffered unspeakable atrocities, and that those responsible, including leader Kim Jong-un, the current dictator, must face justice.

Three generations of fat ass North Korean dictators
Testimony given to the panel from defectors included an account of a woman forced to drown her own baby, children imprisoned from birth and starved, and families tortured for watching a foreign soap opera.

North Korea maintains a complete denial of the right to freedom of thought,
A North Korean kid grubbing
in the dirt for rice kernels
conscience and religion.

North Korea has always used food as a means of control over the population. 

Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have died in the past decades and continue to die now, due to starvation.

North Korean rocket
launch. There is money
for this but not for food.
North Korea expends billions of dollars on "space programs", nuclear development programs and all sorts of covert programs that are related to war and political dominance and the inherent violence that goes with it.  None of their programs relate to food, social services or anything else that would even remotely help the average North Korean.

It is alleged that North Korea has just about the nastiest government in the entire world.

Duh? No kidding. And we needed a United Nations report to tell us this?

North Korea is a kingdom or a hereditary dictatorship. Three generations of one family have brutalized this country for decades. These dictators are : Kim Il-sung; Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un.

Hereditary dictatorships are disturbing. It would be sort of as if Hitler had won World War Two - we would have had Hitler, Hitler's son and Hitler's grandson, still in our lives today.

North Korea has shitloads of money for rocket launches, nuclear programs and a kick ass military. But nothing for the people who starve in this country and who have starved there for decades.

God save us from this North Korean family of dictators.  They are killing us, Father. Amen

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