February 19, 2014

Alex Radita - a teenager starved to death in Calgary, Alberta

Alex Radita
Alex Radita, age 15, died in May 2013, at the home of his parents in Calgary, Alberta.

He died of complications from diabetes, lack of medical attention, abuse and starvation.

Alex and his parents lived in British Columbia and then moved to Alberta.  He had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in B.C.

His parents, Rodica and Emil Radita, are Romanian immigrants to Canada.  They have 7 other older adult children.

It is alleged that Rodica and Emil, the parents of the boy, did not provide medical assistance to this kid and confined him to his room. He ended up being too sick and weak to seek medical help on his own.  His family kept him hidden. He was out of the picture because he was "home schooled".  He ended up bed-ridden, in diapers and in distress, barely alive.
Emil and Rodica Radita
The Police who found Alex's body in the house described the situation as "extreme". He had died of a bacterial infection that ravaged his body. His death was painful. 

Child Protective Services in British Columbia took this boy away from this parents 10
Saint Bernadette of Lourdes,
who said "I am ground like a
grain of wheat", pray for Alex
Radita and all who are ground
down by neglect
years ago after he was admitted to the intensive care unit at a B.C. hospital suffering from starvation. He was even losing his hair from lack of nutrition. Ten years ago he would only have been 3 years old. 

During that time, B.C.'s family and child services applied to have the boy permanently removed from his parents' care.  Somehow, this application for removal fell through the cracks and Alex was tragicallly returned to his parents in 2005.  He would be alive today if he had been placed in foster care. 

After six months of supervision, the family was left alone and eventually moved to Alberta, where the parents finished the boy off. 

The parents should be charged with murder in connection with the death of their son. They should be imprisoned for decades. 

The seven brothers and sisters of this boy should get on their hands and knees and beg God for forgiveness. Seven of you are adults and you never spoke up for your youngest brother? You never noticed anything odd?  You never intervened?  You sat by and let him suffer like a dog? 

God save us from the parents who give us life and then kill us.  

God save us from the brothers and sisters, our flesh and blood, who let us quietly die alone. 

Alex is survived by many loving well wishers who will forever mourn him. 

Pray that Alex is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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