December 9, 2013

Hector Avalos - a victim of Impaired Driving in Chicago

Hector Avalos, age 28, died on December 6, 2013, on a roadway in the Douglas Park area of Chicago. 

Hector Avalos
Just before midnight, Hector was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a van.  Hector was rushed to a local hospital but was pronounced dead soon thereafter. 

The driver of the van is Robert Vais, age 54, of Riverside, who was released on $400,000. bail.  He is accused of a felony aggravated DUI charge. 

Police stated that Robert Vais smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes, and had a blood alcohol reading of .118.  

Robert Vais has worked as an employee of Cook County for 31 years. He has no previous criminal record. 

Hector was riding his bike home after completing a shift at a Taqueria restaurant. He had served five years in the Marines. He is described as an active man who enjoyed bicycling, sports, the outdoors and his two dogs. He liked to dance.

He is also described as a plain-speaking, straightforward man who was funny and
Angels of God, pray for Hector

His family is devastated by his tragic death.

Hector is survived by many loving friends and family members including his mother, Ingrid Cossio, his twin 7 year old siblings; and his girlfriend, Cristina Valencia.

Pray for all who die by misadventure. They are with us one moment and gone the next.

God save us from the drunk and doped up drivers. They are killing us, Father.

Pray that Hector is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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