December 9, 2013

Dean Tiessen - a Canadian murder victim in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dean Tiessen, of Leamington, Ontario, died on December 7, 2013, on the Anchieta highway in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. 

Dean Tiessen
Dean was driving with his business comrade, Paul Carver, when they came across an attempted cargo robbery or attempted car-jacking.  The robbers demanded that the two exit their rental car.  Details are unclear but it has been suggested that Dean was shot twice while he was attempting to unbuckle his seatbelt. 

The thieves fled the scene after Dean was shot. Paul Carver attempted first aid but Dean tragically passed away from his injuries. 

Dean was the President of New Energy Farms, based in Leamington, which is involved in the research and production of high energy feedstock grasses and other innovative approaches to agriculture.
Jesus, pray for Dean

Dean was in Brazil on a 10 day trip in order to expand his firm's business ties in that country. 

Dean's family are in shock over his tragic death.  

He was a family man who had a lot of relatives and friends in the Leamington area.  He is described as a genuinely nice guy, an innovator, a visionary and a wonderful person.

Dean is survived by many loving friends and family members including his wife, Jennifer; two daughters and two sons.

God save us from the thieves.  They are killing us, Father. 

Pray that Dean is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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