December 5, 2013

Barbarism Alert - Yemen - Al Qaida strikes again

On December 5, 2013, Al-Qaida struck the Defence Ministry in Sanaa, Yemen. 

I am a member of Al-Qaida.
Don't help my people in Yemen.
If you are a doctor or a nurse,
and try to help my people, I will kill you.
This attack was in retaliation for a rise in U.S. drone strikes in Yemen.  Seemingly, Al-Qaida can go right up to the Yemen Defence Ministry and cause hell. 

At least 167 people were wounded.

At least 52 people were killed.  

The Defence Ministry also housed a military hospital and Al-Qaida killed two aid workers from Germany, two doctors from Vietnam, two nurses from the Philippines and a nurse from India. 

A Yemeni doctor and a Yemeni Judge were also killed. 

The attack began with a car bomb at the gate of the Defence Ministry, followed by an advance of fighters on foot. Their target was the hospital where some foreign aid workers were based. 

Pray for all foreign
medics in Yemen
Of course, to advance the status of your country you would kill doctors and nurses who are trying to help your people with their medical issues. Duh?

In May of 2012, a suicide bombing near the presidential palace in Sanaa killed 93 army conscripts.  Al-Qaida in Yemen loves to cause numerous deaths in order to make a point. 

God save us from Afghanistan and from Yemen.  These are primitive and barbaric countries.  

These countries live in the 13th century.  They are so backward that it is painful. They are so violent that it is deadly to go there for any reason.  

Who kills volunteer doctors and nurses when your people are sick and need medical attention? Answer:  Al-Qaida in Yemen does. 

Pray for the victims of this attack.  They went to work to help others and were murdered for doing so.  Pray that they are in Heaven.  

God help us.  God save us from these freaks.  Amen. 

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