November 23, 2013

David Ayala - a Good Samaritan in New York State

David Ayala, age 37, of Centereach, New York, came to the aid of a stranger on the evening of November 21, 2013, in Lake Grove, New York.  

David Ayala
David was driving home at about 5:45 p.m., when he came across a three vehicle crash.  One of the vehicles was on fire and he heard screaming coming from inside. 

Stephanie McNamee, age 23, of Holbrook, New York, was trapped inside.  David broke the window and climbed in the car to unbuckle the woman from her seat belt. 

Suffolk County Police officers David Vlacich and Bryan Boudreaux arrived at the scene at this time and they along with David Ayala were able to push and pull the unconscious woman from the burning vehicle. 

Stephanie McNamee was transported to Stony Brook University Hospital where she was listed in serious condition.
The Good Samaritan comes to the
aid of strangers, selflessly. 

David Ayala suffered minor cuts to his hands. The officers were not injured.

Stephanie Mcnamee’s family are grateful for the help their daughter received. 

Officers David Vlacich and Bryan Boudreaux are examples of the daily heroism that many law enforcement officers demonstrate. 

David Ayala came to the aid of a stranger.  He is a Good Samaritan.  

We need more men like Officer David Vlacich, Officer Bryan Boudreaux and David Ayala in this world. 

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