November 22, 2013

Barbarism Alert - Teens playing Knockout on the streets of America

A punch to the head can kill you
This is hard to believe.  It has been reported that teens, some as young as 13, are going around trying to "knockout" total strangers on the street by punching them in the face or the back of the head.  

Sometimes this is videotaped for future enjoyment or for posting on the Internet. Apparently this has been going on for years but only recently has it resulted in the deaths of innocent passersby. 

Attacks of this nature have been reported in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois and Washington, D.C.

In September of 2013, in Jersey City, two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old were charged as juveniles in the slaying of Ralph Eric Santiago, age 46. His neck was snapped.  County prosecutors believe the accused teens were playing "knockout."

In May of 2013, in Syracuse, New York, a pack of teens trying to knock out Michael Daniels, age 51, with one powerful punch ended up beating and stomping him to death. A 16-year-old and a 13 year old were found guilty of manslaughter and were sentenced to 18 months behind bars.

Also in May of 2013, Elex Murphy, age 20, was sentenced to life in prison plus 25 years in St. Louis, Missouri, for killing a Vietnamese immigrant as part the game in 2011.

In a suburb of Philadelphia, two recent attacks may be related to the "knockout" game.

In Washington, D.C., there have been two attacks in just the past week. One woman was surrounded by 8 men on bicycles.  One of them punched her hard in the back of the head before riding away.  Another woman, a visitor from Vermont, who was riding a bicycle, was punched in a face by a teenager who did not attempt to rob her. 

There are numerous other reports of similar behavior which seems to be part of the "Knockout" game. 

Who punches a total stranger in the head because of a game?  Especially when this game can lead to death.  Do these kids have no concept of the finality of death or the value of human life? 

These kids should be severely punished.  They should not be sentenced to just 18 months for killing a man.   

Where are the parents of these nasty ass brats?  Were they raised by wolves?  

God save us from the Lost Ones.  Amen.

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