October 23, 2013

The Microsoft Corporation and Windows 8.1

Don't update to it until the bugs
are worked out of it
One of our computers bust out a month ago.  It was old and had just about reached the end of its life.  It was acting crazy and took 5 minutes to boot up and the fans were whirring and it was a mess.

That computer ran Windows Vista as an operating system.  It worked just fine. So did Windows XP before that. 

We bought a new computer that came preloaded with Windows 8.  We didn't like Windows 8 much but it worked after some diddling around and tweaking, we got it to where we wanted it - to a workable state. 

In the interim we paid $116.00 for Microsoft Office 2013 which includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint. Everything seemed to work okay. 

THEN...we updated to Windows 8.1.  Microsoft Word still worked but Microsoft Excel crashed every time we opened it.  It crashed on older Excel documents which were converted to Excel 2013.  It crashed on new documents composed in Excel 2013. 

What new innovation can we come up that they'll buy?
Microsoft Excel 2013, however, works in "safe mode".  It just doesn't work in regular mode. The Microsoft Corporation and others give 500 reasons and 500 webpages to peruse and to study as to possible reasons for Microsoft Excel 2013 not working properly.

Apparently, you are supposed to figure it out yourself, as if you were an Internet Technologist and a software engineer instead of a paying client who expects a product to work from the get-go. 

Either there are bugs in Microsoft Excel 2013 or Microsoft Excel 2013 is not compatible with Microsoft's new Operating System - Windows 8.1. 

Summary of our beef:

  1. You buy a brand new computer and pay for it. 
  2. It comes pre-loaded with Windows 8.  
  3. You pay for Microsoft's Office 2013.  It works under Windows 8. 
  4. You upgrade to Windows 8.1.
  5. Microsoft Excel 2013 doesn't work unless it is in safe mode. 
  6. In other words, Excel doesn't work in Windows 8.1 without studying and analyzing 500 pages of data on the internet to try to correct this issue yourself.  
Advice:  Don't upgrade to Windows 8.1 if you rely on Microsoft Office products such as Word or Excel.  

God save us from the Mega-Corporations.  

They are greedy and continually "upgrade and revise" their programs and systems in order that you will buy the new program or system. They don't care if the program or system works well.  They don't even care if their own programs are compatible with their own operating systems.  They just want your money. They reinvent the eggbeater over and over again, not to improve it, but to get you to re-buy it. 

God save us from the thieves in suits.  Amen. 

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