October 19, 2013

Brian Fleetwood - a Good Samaritan in British Columbia, Canada

Brian Fleetwood and loved ones
Brian Fleetwood, age 38, a resident of Gabriola Island, British Columbia, is a Good Samaritan. 

On October 12, 2013, he was in Surrey, B.C., heading to see a pro hockey game in Vancouver with his brother-in-law, Jason.  

He was at the Scott Road Station of the SkyTrain. SkyTrain is a light rapid transit system in Greater Vancouver which uses monorail type trains on elevated tracks.  

Brian was standing at the station waiting for a train to the hockey game, when he saw that a man had fallen off the platform and had hit his head.  The stranger was unconscious and bleeding.  The stranger is named Wayne and is in his early 40's. 

Brian jumped onto the tracks to help Wayne.  Brian is a roofer by trade and not a medical professional. However, he had previously undertaken first aid training. Brian thinks that adrenaline just kicked in and he jumped into action.  

Brian talked to the man and reassured him that help was coming.
The Good Samaritan comes to
the aid of strangers, selflessly

After a few minutes two more men joined Brian on the tracks.  All three lifted Wayne, who had suffered a seizure, out from the SkyTrain’s path. Paramedics took the injured man to hospital. Brian continued on to the hockey game.  

Family members state that Brian is their hero. And he is a hero. 

Most people would be terrified of climbing onto city train tracks. You can be electrocuted and killed from subway or monorail tracks.  And most people don't know if a train is electrified from overhead wires or from the tracks.  Most people would do nothing.  But Brian stepped up to the plate. 

The Good Samaritans are not Saints, but they do saintly things, one of which is the giving of oneself to help others, selflessly. 

God bless Brian Fleetwood and all who come to the aid of strangers. Amen. 

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