June 12, 2013

Boy killed by a Bull Mastiff dog in Arkansas

Angels of God, pray for this boy
A five year old boy from Moore, Oklahoma, died on June 9, 2013, in Jessieville, Arkansas.

He was bitten to death by a Bull Mastiff dog.

The boy had survived the tragic tornado which devastated Moore. His family's home was destroyed and they lost everything but their lives.

The parents are rebuilding and sent their two children - the boy (age 5) and the daughter (age 2) to stay with friends in Arkansas.

The friends, however, had a Bull Mastiff. On the afternoon of June 9, the 50 year old woman looking after the kids tried to get the boy to put on his shoes and he threw a tantrum. The noise and crying he did, alarmed the dog who ran from another room and attacked the boy. The woman was able to pull the dog off of the boy.

The boy was transported to a local hospital but died of lacerations to his head and neck. In other words, he was so badly bitten that he died.

The dog was later put down. Investigators have not yet determined whether anyone will face charges in the boy's death.

The Bull Mastiff Association of America states: "Never leave a child unattended with
Can I lick your face?
your Bullmastiff."

Why? Because they can kill you, as can any large dog.

It was only recently that we became aware that numerous people are killed by dogs throughout the world.  We thought that this was something that disappeared in the Dark Ages.

Chloe Jane Mathewson, age 31, of Rosedale, New Zealand, died on March 29, 2013. She was bitten to death by Rottweilers as she left a drug house.

Pamela Devitt, age 63, died on May 9, 2013, in Littlerock, California, as she was walking on the road. She was bitten to death by Pit Bulls.

Dangerous dogs (beside Bull Mastiffs) include:

Rhodesian Ridgebacks; Boerboels; Rottweilers; Akita Inus; Pit Bulls; Dobermanns; Chow Chows; Presa Canarios, and others....

Please - no letters to us stating that your dog is actually your child, is your best friend, saved your life, guards your home and licks your baby's face.  Big Deal.

Death by dog is not acceptable in a civilized country. 

Most of these dog breeds should be "evolved out of existence".  It would be better for the human race.

Pray for this boy. Pray that he is playing in the fields of Heaven. Amen. 

Pray for his parents who have lost their son.  Amen.

God save us from the dog owners who value animals more than humans. Amen.

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