December 22, 2012

Pope Benedict - annual message - wrong

Pope Benedict XVI in his Annual Christmas message to the Curia of the Church in December of 2012, stated that gay marriage destroys the "essence of the human creature". 

In a nutshell, he proposes that everyone has a bodily identity, i.e. you are born a male so you should lust after women. He thinks that if you are a male and are drawn to men, or a woman who is drawn to women, then you are choosing to go against your God given sexual mandate.

Gay men and gay women and transgendered people do not choose their sexual orientation. It is just there - possibly from birth. There is nothing about choice in this issue. Therefore the Pope is in error in this matter.

In his annual peace message for 2012, Benedict XVI said that gay marriage, abortion and euthanasia are threats to world peace.

The Pope is also in error in this statement. World peace is not threatened by gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia or contraception or any other religious bug-a-boo.

World peace is threatened by the war-like nature of the human condition - and our greed for money and land and resources, our dictators who pop up like weeds one after another, and our unresolved hunger for absolute dominance over others. And this includes the Catholic Church's desire for dominance over others, which has been going on for 2,000 years.
God save us from being bound by

Surely the Pope realizes the real threats to peace lie elsewhere after his own experiences as a member of the Hitler Youth and the German anti-aircraft corps in Germany in World War II.  

God save us from all of the religions of this world, many of which bring about hatred, misunderstanding, conflict and death. Amen

God lead us all to peace and to justice.  Amen. 

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