December 19, 2012

Pakistan - just Afghanistan all over again

On December 18, 2012, five women working on U.N.-backed polio vaccination efforts in two different Pakistani cities, were shot dead and killed.

The women who were killed, three of whom were teenagers, were all shot in the head at close range. Four of them were gunned down in the southern port city of Karachi, and the fifth in a village outside the northwest city of Peshawar. Two men who were working alongside the women were also critically wounded in Karachi.

Pakistan is one of only three countries where polio is endemic. 

Pakistani mother taking her dead daughter to the
morgue.  Her daughter was a polio worker in Pakistan. 
The Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan say that all health workers are U.S. spies and accordinly the Taliban kills them.  

Despite the obstacles, the Pakistani government has teamed up with U.N. agencies to give oral polio drops to 34 million children under the age of five.

And yet, 5 women are dead because they tried to immunize children in their cities. 

Pakistan is the new Afghanistan.  NATO forces will leave Afghanistan and let it turn back to the Taliban. And then the bullshit will start up in Pakistan.  

God save us from men who would kill a woman because she saved your own child from polio.   Amen. 

God save Pakistan from the Taliban. Amen.  

God save us from 14th century idiocy.  Amen.

God help us. Amen.

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