December 1, 2012

Larry DePrimo - Good Samaritan Cop - New York

New York City Police Officer, Lawrence (Larry) DePrimo, age 25, was photographed on November 14, 2012, kneeling down to give an unidentified homeless man a pair of socks and a pair of boots. 

The picture was taken by Jennifer Foster, on her cellphone, as she was passing by. 

Otherwise, no one would have even known this act of generosity and kindness ever took place. 

Larry DePrimo was on counter terrorism patrol in Times Square on the night of November 14, when he encountered the homeless man who was huddled next to a storefront with nothing on his feet. He approached the man and said, "Buddy where's your socks, where's your shoes?" The man said, "It's okay officer, I never had a pair of shoes."

Officer DePrimo stated that it was freezing out and you could see the blisters on the man’s feet. He watched the man stand up and walk slowly, painfully, down the cold pavement of the sidewalk on the balls of his feet. 

The officer went into a nearby Skecher's store and found a $100 pair of winter boots that he believed would keep the man warm through the winter. Jose Cano, the assistant manager at the Skechers store in Times Square, said he discounted the boots from $100 to $75 in view of the circumstances. 

Many people who saw the picture and heard the story of Officer DePrimo's kindness, said that their faith in humanity was restored. 

Larry DePrimo isn't a Saint. But his act of kindness is a saintly act - the giving of yourself to others. 

Pray for more men
like Larry DePrimo
on this planet
Larry DePrimo downplayed the entire thing and said it was no big deal. Yes, it is a big deal. It takes a special kind of person to have compassion for strangers on the street. 

God bless men like Larry DePrimo. Amen

God knows that we need more men like him on this planet. 

There is another man like Larry, who has done something similar. 

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