September 22, 2012

Mitch Comer - Teenage Boy starved in Georgia

Mitch Comer, age 18, from Paulding County, Georgia, was found frail, alone and disoriented at a bus station in downtown Los Angeles on September 11, 2012. 
Pray for Mitch.
Pray that he is
happy and well.

The Los Angeles Police officers who found him stated that his skin was translucent and that Mitch was obviously malnourished. 

Mitch is 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 97 pounds. 

When questioned about his circumstances, Mitch stated that his mother Sheila Comer, age 39, and his stepfather, Paul Comer, age 48, in Paulding County, Georgia, had kept him locked up in a bedroom for about 4 years. 

Pray that these two freaks receive justice in this
world and in the next. 
He had attended Woodstock and Creekland middle schools in Cherokee County between October 2007 and April 2009 before disappearing from the school system. 

His two half-sisters, it is believed, have never attended school. 

This family had lived in their current house for about two years and the neighbors had no idea that they even had a son!

It appears that they starved him, kept him locked up, isolated, out of school and uneducated and then put him on a bus and told him to get lost.

There is nothing "alleged" about this case of abuse.  He didn't lock himself up and starve himself.  Nor did his 2 younger half sisters do this to him.  It was the parents. 

No doubt these two shit-heads will come up with a thousand reasons why they had to discipline, starve, and abuse this boy, from age 14 on.  If they couldn't have handled him for any reason, they should have turned him over to Child Protective Services where he would have had a chance at finding a decent home and a chance at life. 

God save us from parents who starve and abuse us. Amen

Jesus, Mary and all saints and all angels pray that we are saved from the freaks in this world, including our own parents. Amen

Pray for justice for Mitch Comer.  Amen

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Love your page! God Bless you and may God heal these children.