September 6, 2012

Gay Turkish Teenager killed by his father and uncle

This is "R.A." How can the Turkish media blur
the face of a murder victim and also
cover up his name?  As if he didn't exist.
In July of 2012, a gay teenager, only identified as "R.A.", age 17, was killed in Diyarbakir, Turkey. 

He was shot and dumped at the side of a road. 

How can the Turkish media cover up the full name of a murder victim?  

His father and uncle have been arrested for the crime. The boy's rich and powerful family have continually tried to cover this all up according to friends of the dead Turkish teenager.
Turkey - a moderate and
modern Islamic nation?

The boy had been exposed to violence by his family because of his sexual orientation before seeking refuge at a friend’s house.  However, his uncle forcibly removed the teenager from his friend’s house.  Later, the boy had an argument with his father, who allegedly shot his son 14 times.

The scary part is that Turkey is considered to be a moderate and modern Islamic republic.  This doesn't sound like moderation or modernity to us.  It sounds like 1399 A.D.

God save everyone, world-wide, from abusive and violent parents.  They are supposed to love you and yet they kill you.  Amen

Pray for "R.A."   Pray that he is with the Father, in Heaven.  Amen. 

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