September 1, 2012

Daily slaughter in Syria....

On August 28, 2012, rebel groups in Syria reported that up to 400 bodies had been found in the town of Daraya, south-west of the capital Damascus, in what appears to be the worst single massacre by government forces in the country's 17-month-old civil war.

Syrian government troops stormed the town and carried out house-to-house searches, killing everyone in their path. 

Every day when we watch the international news, we see that 32 Syrians are dead, 112 are dead, 46 are dead and this goes on day after day, month after month. 

No government will step in to blow Bashar Al-Assad off the map. They are afraid of China and Russia who support this dictator. But of course, China and Russia support this freak, because under the skin, they are dictatorships themselves and they like the activities of this dude. 

Pray without ceasing unto God, that Bashar Al-Assad leaves Syria. Pray that he goes to Russia where he has stashed the $6 Billion that he has stolen from his people. 

If he doesn't run to Russia, then pray that Bashar is visited by an Angel of God and pray that it is this angel. Amen. 

God help the Syrian people who die by the hundreds weekly. Amen

Every day that this man lives, hundreds die.  Including innocent women and children. 

God save us from Bashar Al-Assad, the Dictator.  Amen

God save the world from all dictators.  Amen. 

God save the Syrian people.  Amen. 

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