September 29, 2012

Christian Aguilar - missing in Florida

Christian Aguilar - missing
Christian Aguilar, age 18, of Gainesville, Florida, is missing. 

He has not been seen alive since September 20, 2012. His body has not been found. 

Pedro Bravo, age 18, has been charged with Christian's murder by the Gainesville Police Department and is being held without bond.

The two young men had previously had an altercation on the evening of Sept. 20. Pedro Bravo stated that he left Christian at a parking lot on that date. 

Pedro Bravo - unhappy
and competitive?
However, shortly prior to this, Pedro Bravo purchased a roll of duct tape and a shovel, which is not a normal shopping experience for a boy of age 18. For what purpose did he buy these items? 

According to police, Pedro Bravo and Christian Aguilar were seeing the same female, and the two fought over her.

These two boys had also been competitive over the craziest of things which is the acceptance to a particular college. Christian Aguilar was accepted into a college that Pedro was rejected from. 
Angels of God, pray for
Christian Aguilar

It has been reported that Pedro Bravo told three versions of his encounter with Christian Aguilar when he was last seen alive:
(1) they talk 
(2) Pedro Bravo strikes Christian Aguilar

(3) Pedro Bravo beats Christian Aguilar unconscious. 

Pray that Christian Aguilar is found alive.  Amen

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