August 10, 2012

W. David Gray

Major Walter David Gray, age 38, of Loganville, Georgia, died on August 8, 2012, from injuries suffered during a suicide bomb attack in Kunar province, Afghanistan.

David was assigned to the 13th Air Support Operations Squadron, Fort Carson, Colorado. 

He had attended Loganville High School. He was known by his middle name, David, to many of his friends.

He was commissioned in 2001 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps after serving as an enlisted airman and was one of the Air Force's first career air liaison officers. 
Light a candle for David.  Light
his way to Heaven.

Military officials describe him as a tremendous officer and leader. 

David is survived by many loving friends and relatives including his wife, Heather, and their 3 young children.  

Let us pray that David Gray is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.


Duke Ellington said...

For Our Deceased Service Men and Women

You are all-powerful, God, and live forever in light and joy. Look with pity and love, we beg You, on those men and women who bravely fought and gallantly died for their country. By laying down their lives, they showed supreme love for others.

Accept, we ask You, their sacrifice and their belief in the justice of the cause they died for. Let their offering not be in vain. Please forgive any sins and faults they may have committed. Speedily, we implore You, bring them into Your Presence where fear, sadness, mourning, and death cannot exist.

Have pity in Your loving kindness on those they leave behind. In Your own unsearchable ways, make good for their absence, and lavishly bestow Your love and consolations on those deprived of their presence. This we ask in the Name of Christ, our Victor King. Amen.

Randommantus said...

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