August 6, 2012

Rory Malone

Lance Corporal Rory Malone, age 26, of Auckland, New Zealand, died on August 4, 2012, in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained from an insurgent attack on his armoured vehicle.

He was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Provincial Reconstruction team in April of 2012. 

Rory joined the Territorial Force in November of 2002 and transferred to the Regular Force as a rifleman in September of 2005. He was promoted to Lance Corporal in July of 2011.

Angels of God, pray for
His family stated that they are proud of his service in the Army and of his commitment to his country. 

They also stated that he did his job with honour and pride. He will be forever missed. 

Rory is survived by many loving friends and relatives. 

Let us pray that Rory Malone is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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