July 9, 2012

The Taliban are coming....and Fast

Afghan Market - If it wasn't for the wheelbarrow
and the rubber tires on the cart in the background,
this would be 1500 A.D. Nothing changes in this
shit hole of a country. 
The current war in Afghanistan is horribly tragic. One Nato soldier after another dies there. 

The deaths roll in like thunder, day after day. 

Before this, there was the Russia-Afghanistan war which resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Russians and tens of thousands of Afghans. Who even knows their names?

War in Afghanistan goes all the way back to Alexander the Great. This country has always been a cesspool of violence and destruction. Their every day mentality and normalcy involves violence at every level.  

Last week, an Afghan woman in Parwan Province, named Najiba, age 22, was accused of adultery. She had a one hour trial by a Taliban council. Najiba was shot in the head in front of a cheering crowd of Taliban men. 

Najiba, age 22, shot like a dog, amidst cheering
Taliban men. 
Who cheers in the dying time of another? Who has no soul and no compassion and cheers over death?  If you saw a dog dying in the street, struck by a car, you would not cheer.  But you could cheer over the execution of a 22 year old woman?  Who wants to see a 22 year old woman with a bullet in her head? Apparently, Afghan men do. 

The deaths of Nato soldiers including American soldiers have not been in vain. They have fought for justice, against terrorism and for a new approach to the "new world order" in Afghanistan. 

These soldiers, both men and women, are the modern day heroes. 

Angels of God, pray without end,
to the Father, for peace and
justice for this World.
However....3 days after the last NATO troops leave Afghanistan, the Taliban will take over, once again.  It will be like the withdrawal from Vietnam all over again. 

The Taliban are fighting sporadically now, but waiting in the wings is their real strategy. They have all the time in the world. It is their country after all.  They live there. 

Everyone knows this. The Governments of England, the U.S.A., France, Germany and all of the other NATO countries know that Afghanistan will never be under the control of a reasonable government. It never was in the past and it never will be.  The current Afghan government is only an interim measure.  There will be a Taliban government soon. 

God save us from Afghanistan. Amen

God save us from Syria. Amen

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