July 18, 2012

Step-Fathers - the good and the bad

There wouldn't be step-fathers if marriages lasted. But many marriages don't....

Angels of God,
pray for every son
who has died
in War.
Increasingly we have noticed that numerous 20 and 21 and 25 year old men have step-fathers mentioned as the primary father figure in their lives. The real fathers have f***** off into the ether. They have gone to Mars and have abandoned the sons of their body. 

When I was growing up, I had a step-father. He was young and wild and addicted to booze and was violent.  

The Step-fathers who
take their wives sons as
their own and who cry
when these sons die in
As a step-father to me, he was a total failure. He later had 2 biological children. He was good to the daughter, but not really good to his son.

In other words, as a "father" or "step-father" he was a failure. He just didn't have it in him to be loving to children. Children were a nuisance. He had other fish to fry. And that fish was selfishness. 

God help those step-fathers in this world who actually love their step-children.  

God give strength to those step-fathers who love their step-sons and who lose them due to war and who bury them. They have lost a son. Their sorrow is more than real. Amen.

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