July 2, 2012

The Christian Hypocrites - Again

Today, I watched another episode of the National Geographic Channel programs on the ex-Amish who have left the Amish Community. 

This series has never ceased to amaze me. Young men and women leave this faith and are shunned for life by their families. They are told that they are going to Hell. And these people mean it....they actually believe that their sons and daughters are going to hell for having left this particular Christian sect. 

Amish - living in a fantasy world, rejecting others in the real world,
including their own sons and daughters
Where do they get this idea? On what theology is this based? 

It is sad when a man in his 40's returns to his home and his own mother will not allow him inside the house and sits outside with him and says that he "should go soon" before the rest of the community sees him visiting.

Christians...weeping, praying, begging...
for help for themselves or for the
good of mankind?
A mother is ashamed to be seen with her own son? Because her Church elders would not approve? 

Catholics, Protestants, Born Again Christians, Evangelicals, Episcopalians, Mormons, Southern Baptists, The Amish, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses and the other 7,000 registered Christian sects and cults, who may reject others as followers of Christ, are not following the teachings of Jesus if they reject others. They are unlike Christ in their exclusiveness and their selfishness. They are all wrapped up in their own dogma and have lost the love of mankind that Jesus professed. They reject the brotherhood of faith.  

Stones where a heart should be
They pray and smile and praise God but they have stones where their hearts should be. 

God save us from the Christian hypocrites. 

God save us from those who have a stone in the chest.

Jesus pray for your followers. Amen

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