July 20, 2012

Bashar Al-Assad - another 300 people dead

It has been reported that 250 to 300 people were killed in Syria on July 19, 2012.

Bashar Al-Assad
93 of those killed may have been government military forces. The others were rebels.

A bomb blast from the rebels killed 4 of Bashar's comrades including his brother in law. His brother in law was killed because the dictatorship of Syria is a family business. They are all in it together.  One is as bad as another. 

Bashar Al-Assad has already stolen $6 billion dollars and sent this money to Russia.  This money is deposited there and waiting for him and his family, when they finally decide to run from Syria. 

Every day that this shit head remains in power, more and more people die, including children. He is relentless in his grip on power and on money. Actually, this freak has more money than he would ever need, so it is a power and control thing with him. 

He is determined to hang on to the last breath. Dictators always do. They want to pass on their dictatorships to their sons.  They want a family dynasty that lasts for a thousand years like a Pharaoh of Egypt.  

Father, bring an end to
Bashar Al-Assad for the
sake of the Syrian people
The rebels are determined to get him out of their country. They will persist until death.

Pray without ceasing unto God, that Bashar Al Assad takes his money and runs to Russia in the short term. 

Pray that he leaves Syria and thereby grants some semblance of peace to his country.  Amen. 

And then pray that Bashar Al-Assad is apprehended and put before a war crimes tribunal for crimes against humanity, including crimes against women and children. 

Pray that he is brought to justice for killing thousands of innocents. Amen

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