April 4, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Art - our potential for beauty

I was looking at Ancient Egyptian art today on the Internet and once again came across the "Bust of Nefertiti" and the "Mask of Tutankhamun". 
The beauty of a woman who
lived 3,350 years ago, forever

Everyone has seen these images a thousand times before, and so have I, and yet every time I see them, I am amazed and dumbfounded. 

These works of art were produced about 1340 B.C. or about 3,350 years ago. How they were produced with primitive tools - very basic hammers and chisels, is a testament to the ever-lasting human search for beauty and creativity. 

God has evolved us into creatures who will one day reach the stars. We have so much potential and yet we are mired in destruction and death at every level of society. 

God help us to achieve peace and justice in this world, now. Hear us, Father. Amen

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