March 14, 2012

Nathaniel Ollis

Pvt. Nathaniel Ollis, age 29, of Harrison, Maine, died on March 9, 2012, in Olympia, Washington. 

He was stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington. 

Nathaniel was murdered. Two suspects have been arrested. The motive for his murder has not been determined as of this date. He was living in an apartment off-base. 

Light a candle for Nathaniel.
Light his way to Heaven.
He had lived in various places in Maine during his life, including Mexico, Auburn and Lewiston, in addition to Harrison. 

Nathaniel had survived a bomb explosion in 2009 in Afghanistan which injured him and killed 3 of his close friends. He had struggled with his life, after that terrible incident.

Family members have stated that they are very proud of Nathaniel and of his service to his country. He is also described as an artist, a musician and a father, who made friends easily and who was empathetic. 

Nathaniel is survived by many loving friends and relatives including his mother, Janet Seavey; his wife, Callie, and 3 children. 

Let us pray to God the Father, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Nathaniel Ollis is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen

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Anonymous said...

I have no doubt he is in heaven with GOD , its funny how people come in to contact with one another. I got to meet Nat before he died and all we talked about was God. I reminded him that nothing can seperate him from the love of God . I am glad I got to serve him by cleaning his kitchen hanging his roseary up on his apt. door so that every time he walked out he would have a reminder of GOD. I reminded him that if earthly man knows how to give his childern great gifts how much more does the father. Now I know why I met him.. To remind him to pray and that God was for him. We hugged and he said I so glad I saw you again. I told him it was my blessing I was created to serve not be served and I said you gotta know God sent me to you cause I dont go around giving people rides and cleaning their house when Ive known them 30 sec but my soul had this need to serve you we laughed knowing it was devine contact, I told him the mess that was around him spoke to me that things werent in order in his life and I knew that if I cleaned up he would feel a little better. I have the same gift he had to see peoples pain and to feel real emotion. I will see you again my friend and I am so gratfull to have served my Father by sharing the word of GOD with you in your last days on earth. God bless your wife who we talked about and your family. If somehow your wife should find this Blogg Know that we praised God for you...a good mother he told me you have one of his childern that you didnt birth and I told him you were a blessing to him because you must know love to take all 3 of the kids. He spoke highly of you and to tell you the truth felt like he was letting everyone down his kids, that is when I asked him is there anything that can stop or seperate you from the love you have for your kids? Nat responsed with "Nothing" and I said now you know how God feels about you. I asked him if he still had the rosary up he said yes that he didnt want to move it for some reason. I just found out Nat died about an hour ago.

This is my Prayer:

Jehovah God how lovely is your Grace and how blessed Nat and I were to met . Thank you for allowing me to speak for you just before you allowed him to come home. Nat is my brother I see his smile now. Lord you said not one will be lost and Nat is proof in his final days you had me to remind him and up build him, I have no doubt he called on you like I told him too. If a person believes and does not doubt it shall be . I ask and I do not doubt you will give peace to his family, kids, and true friends. I speak in Jesus Name with all power and Authority Given to me...SO SHALL IT BE AMEN AND AMEN.

Jehovah's Daughter