March 19, 2012

Cholesterol Drugs - Statins - the downside

Take another pill?
Cholesterol lowering drugs (Statins) are beneficial in lowering cholesterol and reducing the build up of plaque in the arteries. Therefore, they reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

Millions and millions of people on this planet are taking cholesterol lowering drugs, and billions and billions of dollars are made by drug companies who market these drugs. Many medical organizations have stated that these Statin drugs are "hugely over-prescribed". 

Statements have been made by the Corporations who sell these drugs that "side effects are rare". 

This is NOT true. This is a total lie by the drug companies. 

I first knew that Statins were crap about 5 years ago, when two male relatives of mine went on various statin drugs for cholesterol. One stated to me "My ankles are so sore that I can barely press on the gas pedal or the brake of the car." He stopped taking statins and that problem went away. 

Another stated to me "I am having so much pain in my knees. I must have arthritis." He stopped taking statins and the pains went away. 

Statins may have the following side effects:

muscle damage and pain
liver damage
memory loss
decreased libido and erectile dysfunction in men
type 2 diabetes
nausea, gas, diarrhea or constipation 

My old family doctor says to me "Do you want to have a stroke due to cholesterol build-up and be trapped in a bed for the rest of your life?" Answer: No. 

On the other hand: "Do I want to be subjected to constant arthritic type pains in my joints and muscles, get diabetes, have erectile dysfunction and cataracts? Answer: No. 

I am going off of cholesterol drugs for 3 months, despite my old pill-pusher Doctor's wishes, in order to see if some of my adverse health symptoms go away after stopping these Statin drugs. 

Some medical studies report that only 20 percent of your cholesterol comes from diet. The other 80 percent is produced naturally by your own body. 

It amazes me that my grandparents who were immigrants from Russia, lived to their mid-eighties, with no cholesterol lowering drugs and yet ate pork lard as a substitute for butter or margarine on sandwiches. They took no drugs other than aspirin. They didn't eat 3 helpings of leafy green vegetables per day - they couldn't afford it. They ate potatoes. They had never heard of pasta. They had never heard of the phrase "going on a diet". 

Drug Company greed
My other grandmother, of Irish descent, lived to be 94.  She didn't smoke or drink or over-eat.  She also didn't take any drugs, other than an aspirin.  She couldn't afford any other drugs, even if she wanted to. 

It may be better to live less long with a better quality of life. 

So... one has to individually assess the risks and the benefits of taking Statin drugs. 

God save us from the drug companies who promote these drugs to everyone in order to make money for themselves. Amen

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