February 6, 2012

Missing Young Men in Vancouver

Five young Vancouver men went missing in 2011.

The Vancouver Police are asking for the public's help in trying to locate these men.  The families of these missing men are deeply concerned.  There is no evidence, as yet, of foul play. 

The missing men are:

Left - Matthew Huszar; Centre above - Mitchell Gallivan;
Centre below - Brian Mbaruk; Right above - Daniel Michael Holt;
Right below - Pemadach Tatti
Pemadach Tatti - Pemadach came from Thailand for school. He was last seen on March 11, 2011 sitting in front of his home in southwest Vancouver with a large suitcase.  He is a 21 year old Thai man, 6'1" tall and 165 lbs.
Saint Anthony of Padua,
Patron Saint of Missing Persons,
pray for Pemadach, Daniel, Mitchell,
Brian and Matthew.

Daniel Michael Holt - Daniel lived on a boat in Mosquito Creek Marina in North Vancouver. He was reported missing on September 12, 2011. He is 29 years old, white, 5'11" and 170 lbs.  He is not a drug user and does not abuse alcohol.

Mitchell Gallivan - Mitchell is 19 years old, white, 6'3" and 190 lbs. Mitchell disappeared after he was seen riding his bike on a Vancouver afternoon. He had been known to leave the city without notice for long periods but would always return. In the past, he travelled throughout the province staying in commune farms in the interior and on Vancouver Island.

Brian Mbaruk - Brian is 20 years old, black, 6'2" tall and 120 lbs.  Brian vanished November 18, 2011 after he was seen heading by bus to North Vancouver's Grouse Mountain where he had planned to go on a day hike.  Despite an extensive two-day search, he was never found.

Matthew Huszar - Matthew is 25 years old, white, 5'11" tall and 160 lbs. Matthew was last seen at a staff Christmas party on December 16, 2011, in Vancouver's Gastown neighbourhood. He was supposed to visit his family in Victoria the next day, but never showed up.

If you have any information on these missing persons, please contact the Vancouver Police Missing Person's Unit at 604-717-2530, your local police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Let us pray to God the Father that these young men are found alive and that they are returned to their loved ones. Amen


Sanctuary of Mary said...

Daniel Holt who has been missing since last September, has been found living in a small B.C. town, under a new name. He simply stated that he wanted to leave town and didn't want people to know where he was going.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Mitchell Gallivan's body has been found.