November 18, 2011

The Occupy Movement - pray for them....

The Occupy movement is an international protest movement which is primarily directed against economic and social inequality.

These people want to negotiate a new "social contract" with their governments and with the corporations.

They want more and better jobs, more equal distribution of income, bank reform, and a reduction of the influence of corporations on politics.

During the recent economic meltdowns in the U.S.A., in which banks and corporations were bailed out with the money of taxpayers, and during which time many citizens lost their jobs, lost their homes and generally fell apart, many of the corporate executives of the bailed out banks and corporations made millions of dollars per year in salary and some of them a few months later got 100,000's of thousands of dollars in "merit awards" for ....doing what? For bankrupting the entire system? 

It is no wonder that the people world wide are uprising. How much greed and inequality should we stand?

The "Arab Spring" has given everyone a clear indication that we are sick of dictators. The dictators in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have fallen. The next to go is the Dictator of Syria. Other dictators in numerous African Banana Republics may soon follow.  People want democracy and they want it now. 

We are also sick of a general malaise in the world in which greedy governments and greedy corporations steal away all hope for justice for the average person. These governments and corporations are thieves who come, not in the night, but blatantly in the day and put their hands in your pocket, unjustly.

I saw a documentary the other day about a town of 8,000 in a state which I won't name. They had a company in that town that made fridges. Almost everyone in that town was somehow dependent on this factory. This company had 1,800 employees there. The Company decided to pull out and close the plant. The State decided to give the Company something like 20 years of tax exemptions, give them a multi-million dollar interest free loan to build a new factory and many other concessions. The Executives of this Company went behind closed doors for 17 minutes and came out and said: "This is the most generous offer that we have ever received. But your town just can't compete with the $1.50 hourly rate that we pay our workers in Mexico." 

Well...get lost then....and sell your fridges in Mexico, where no one can afford them because they are poverty stricken. This Corporation is the epitome of corporate thievery.  They take greed and social irresponsibility to a new level.
This is what the Occupy Wall Street Movement is all about. It is all about a social conscience. It is all about social justice and social responsibility. 

Pray for those who question the governments.

Pray for those who defy the greedy corporations and their shareholders. 

Pray for those who are warriors for change.

Pray for those who speak up and who stand up for justice. Amen

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