October 26, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church - their placards for you

Their sign for gays
Their sign for
Pres. Obama
Yesterday, I watched an updated documentary about the Westboro Baptist Church which was informative. To say that it was disturbing is an under-statement.

I thought that these freaks only hated "Gays" and "America". Now I see that they hate just about everyone in the world, including you.

In a previous blog post, I stated that the tragedy of religion is that religion often leads people to hate, death and destruction. Faith is supposed to lead us to God and to peace and to some inner knowledge of ourselves. It is supposed to attempt to make us better human beings. 

Their sign for Jews
Their sign for Catholics
However, the path to hatred and not the path to God is particularly prevalent with fundamentalists, regardless of what religion they belong to.

The U.S. Supreme Court should rule that First Amendment rights to free speech do NOT include the right to incite hate against specific groups of people. 

Their sign for
Their sign for American Soldiers
I wouldn't normally give any more webspace to this freak group, however, we all have to continually speak up against hatred and idiocy. 

God save us from the religious nut-bars and the religious murderers and the religious suicide bombers and all of those who hate humanity. 
Their sign for you. 

God help us all.

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