October 31, 2011

The population of our World - 7 Billion and the Starvation Scenario

Demographers have announced that the population of the world is now at 7 billion souls.
There are so many of us....

This means 7,000 million people live on this planet. 

In the time of Christ, there were approximately 350 million people living in the entire world. This includes China, India and all of Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia and the South Pacific and every other region of the Earth.

Can you live when you
are only skin and bones?
The lack of population in our ancient history was due to the fact that there were no viable surgical procedures available, no defenses against infection, no antibiotics. Many people died young. Many children died in infancy. Mothers died in childbirth. Adults died from everyday infections. In the middle ages, a cut on your finger could ultimately kill you if the infection spread and if the bubonic plague didn't kill you first. 

Most Ancient Egyptians or Ancient Romans lived to age 33 or age 35 and then were dead. That is why they were married at age 13 or 15 and they were having children at age 16 or age 17. They knew that they could die tomorrow. They knew that life was short. But in the modern era, the population is ever increasing.

The longest I have gone without food is 7 days. But I was not starving. Starvation can be a long process in which one eats a bit of food, and then starves and eats a bit of food and then starves some more. You slowly dissolve over time.  It is a repetitive process and an ugly one at that. 

Father, help us to
find a plan to
feed all of your
God has a plan for our planet and for our universe and for our increasing population. We don't know what this plan is.

But we pray that God will give us the knowledge and the ability to feed the Earth's population. 

We ask God for this knowledge and we ask for His help. 

We ask God to help us to find a way to ensure that no human being starves, now or in the future. 

If we forget you, Lord, please do not you forget us. Amen.

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