September 9, 2011

Christian Hypocrites....

The other day, someone posted a comment to this blog about their loved one who had died in War. 

The comment was sort of like "Of course, he is in heaven. He accepted Christ as a child." This person almost sounded annoyed that anyone would even dream of praying for this man, as he is already saved and is in heaven. 

Let us pray that he is. 

However, how the hell would we know that?  And how do you know the will of God regarding your loved one? 

The purpose of this blog is to ask God the Father for help and for mercy. This blog asks Jesus to pray for those mentioned here. This blog also asks the saints and the angels to pray for those mentioned here.

This blog is Catholic in nature but does not follow the magesterium of the Catholic Church. Neither does this blog follow the teachings of the off-shoot Protestant churches of the world. 

The persons who enter data into this blog do not follow the teachings of our local Catholic Priest, our local Lutheran Deacon, our local Southern Baptist Pastor, our local Mormon Elder or anyone else for that matter. 

We follow the "Doctrine of Inclusion" in which all human souls are equal before God, regardless of who they are or what religion they belong to. See the link below:

The Doctrine of Inclusion

So many Christians are un-Christlike and do not follow the teachings of their Master. Many Christians are the first to line up to cast the first stone against all of mankind including those who also believe in God and in Christ. They cast stones against their brothers and sisters in Christ. 

These are the hypocrites in this world, who hide behind the Cross and use it as a spear against others. They are bitter and exclusive and unforgiving.  They are all of the things that Jesus wasn't.  They say that they love God and Jesus but they hate all others in their hearts.  Hypocracy is one of the greatest of sins. 

God the Father, help us.
May God have mercy on all who are mentioned in this blog. 

May Jesus pray to His Father, for us. 

May the saints and the angels pray to the Father for us. Amen.

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