September 22, 2011

2000 years into the Modern Era and no changes....

Two thousand years into the modern era....and still the deaths of young men and women, due to war, roll in day after day. 
Modern Man - technological,
logical, calm and in control?

The number of deaths that I post to this blog due to war is disturbing to me. It never ends. 

It is tragic that mankind just doesn't get the picture and that we don't change. We are still in the cave man era, beating each other to death, day after day. 

Life is tough enough with all of the trouble that a person can have in his or her life - financial problems, job losses, health problems, marriage break-downs, screwed up kids, aging and failing parents, family conflicts and so on....and on top of this......War in the world, which steals away our young men and women before their time to die.

Modern Man - what we really are - illogical and violent...with
axe in hand

Don't believe the Government Spin-doctors who say "Everything is under control".  Absolutely nothing is under control. 

God help us all. 

Jesus, Mary and all saints and all angels pray for us. 

Ask our Father for mercy and for peace for all who are mentioned here. Ask God for an end to conflict.  Ask God to stop the killing. Amen.

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