June 21, 2017

Jeff Sanders - Firefighter Fatality - Missouri

Firefighter Jeff Sanders, age 55, died in the line of duty on June 19, 2017, on a roadway in Lafayette County, Missouri. 
Jeff and his grandson

Firefighter Sanders was a volunteer member of the Mayview Fire Protection District. He had 32 years of service in firefighting. 

Mayview is a town in Lafayette County, Missouri, with a population of just over 200. 

In the late afternoon, Jeff and other firefighters responded to a call that a power line may have been down and a tree was on fire near a county roadway. The firefighters were wrapping up their gear when a private vehicle struck a fire department vehicle which then struck Jeff and another firefighter, Jacob Hayward, age 33. The men were dragged under the fire department vehicle down an embankment. 

Florian, Patron Saint of
Firefighters, pray for Jeff
and for those who have
lost him. 
Tragically, Jeff died of his injuries at the scene of the collision. 

Jacob Hayward was rushed to a medical facility in Kansas City. 

The cause of the collision is under investigation.

Jeff worked as a full time farmer in the area. 

Friends describe Jeff as a man who loved his town and the fire department. He was the type of man who would do anything for anybody. 

The citizens of Mayview are in mourning over the death of Jeff. He will be forever remembered.

Jeff's loved ones are devastated by his sudden and tragic death. He did his best. He will be forever mourned.

Jeff is survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members who will forever miss him. 

Thank you for your service to the community, Jeff. 

Pray for all who die in the line of duty.

Pray for all who die suddenly. They are with us one moment and are gone before we can say goodbye.

Pray that Jeff is in Heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

Pray for the full recovery of Jacob Hayward. Amen. 

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your prayers. I am Connie Sanders, Jeff's wife. I would like you to know that God has answered many of those prayers. Jake Hayward is a miracle from God. He is physically completely recovered. He (as we all are) is still struggling with the lose of Jeff,but God will heal our broken hearts in his time. Please have no doubt Jeff is with our Lord. He was a man of strong faith and we shall see him again someday.

May God bless you,
Connie Sanders