January 3, 2017

A New Map of our Universe

New celestial mapping devices including the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey and a Sloan Digital Sky Survey III program have mapped out an image of what the Universe is really like. 

The map, which is only partially shown below, outlines 1.2 million galaxies. 

This is a small image of a small portion of the Universe. Each dot is not a
sun or a planet, it is a galaxy, with hundreds of billions of planets in them. 
Our Galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, holds 100 billion planets. Our Earth is just a dot on the outskirts of our galaxy. We are basically in the middle of nowhere. 

Earth is one planet in 100 billion, and then our galaxy is one galaxy in one of 1.2 million galaxies. 

If anyone thought that the Higher Power is holding his finger on the pulse of this planet, Earth, think again. The Higher Power is occupied with 100 billion x 1.2 million other planets that exist in this Universe. Hundreds of millions of these planets harbour intelligent life. 

God is looking after many more planets than Earth. 

It is not up to God to make this Planet work. It is up to us. But we are doing a really lousy job of it. 

Let's all work seriously toward an end to war, turmoil, death, destruction and terrorism.

Let's all work toward justice.

Let's all work toward equality.

Let's all work toward religious tolerance.

Let's all work toward providing peace and safety, lodging, food, clean water, health care, and the necessities of life for everyone who lives on this planet. 

We have to do it ourselves. 

Do not forget us, Father. Amen. 

God help us to change, Amen. 

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