June 13, 2016

Christiane Vadnais - killed by a Pit Bull Dog in Montreal, Quebec

Christiane Vadnais and her daughter
Christiane Vadnais, age 55, died on June 8, 2016, in the backyard of her home in a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

She was found dead by a neighbor. She had been savagely mauled by another neighbor's pit bull dog. 

The family of Christiane want pit bull dogs banned in the Province of Quebec. Pit Bulls have been banned in the neighboring province of Ontario since 2005. 

The dog was inside of it's owner's home when the owner left for the day. Somehow the dog got outside and into Christiane's backyard. This dog was known to have been aggressive on at least two other occasions. The dog was killed by the Police. 

The Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has stated that they don't believe in breed-specific banning legislation because it doesn't work and leads to non-aggressive dogs being targeted. Jessica O'Neill, a Canadian canine behaviourist, states that biting incidents occur just as much, if not more, in dog breeds other than Pit Bulls and that Pit bulls can be used as nanny dogs, therapy dogs or guard dogs with proper training. 

We do not agree with the Montreal S.P.C.A. nor with Jessica O'Neill. 

Pit Bull dogs were bred over 200 years ago for bull baiting, bear baiting and dog fighting. They were NEVER intended to be family pets. They should never be around infants or
A Pit Bull Dog
young children under any circumstances. 

They have repeatedly proven that they can kill people, both young and old, including people passing by. They have killed grown women walking in the hallways of their apartment buildings; they have killed 40 year old men jogging by on a country road; they have killed toddlers playing on the floor.

Many towns and cities, counties and states do not allow pit bulls and related breeds within their jurisdictions. Pit bulls are banned outright in many European countries, period.

Where are the authorities in Montreal and in Quebec? Why do you allow pit bulls in your jurisdictions? Wake up.

Death by dog is not acceptable in a civilized country.

Christiane's loved ones are devastated over her senseless and tragic death. She was full of life and was always smiling. She did her best. She will be forever mourned.

Christiane is survived by many loving friends and family members who will forever miss her. 

Pray that Christiane is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Montreal will pass a by-law in September banning new pit bull dogs in Montreal and regulating existing ones.

Anonymous said...

lol.. that picture isn't even a pit bull. Stop spreading lies and educate yourself.

Sanctuary of Mary said...

First of all, that is a photo of a pit bull dog.

We wonder if you would be writing with an "LOL" (laughing out loud) designation if your mother or child had been killed by a pit bull dog?

For God's sake, grow up.