February 3, 2016

Wasil Ahmad - a 10 year old victim of "Afghanistan"

Wasil Ahmad, age 10, died on February 1, 2016, on a roadway leading to his school in Tirin Kot city, the capital of southern Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan. 

Wasil Ahmad - alive and then.....dead
He was shot twice in the head by the Taliban who claimed that they had killed a government stooge.

Wasil had fought against the Taliban in previous months. He did this in the company of his uncle who had been a former Taliban member who had changed allegiance to the Afghan Government. The uncle was given the position of local police commander in the Khas district of Uruzgan Province.

The boy had become a local hero of sorts with his photo widely circulated on social media. He therefore became a target for the Taliban.

The use of child soldiers is illegal in Afghanistan but both the government and the Taliban have been quietly recruiting minors for years. The government doesn't follow it's own laws and the Taliban have no conscience either.

Young boys, not even teenagers yet, are recruited by both groups using money, filial duty, patriotism and honor as lures and as buzz words to con these boys into combat roles.

Teens under the age of 18 and pre-teen boys can be seen to man national police checkpoints in many areas of Afghanistan.

Children are also used by the Taliban in active combat, as spies and as suicide
Pray for Wasil Ahmad
and all of the boys of

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission laid blame for the boy's death with his family, the government and the Taliban.

In other words - everybody is responsible for this boy's death. Who else is there besides the family, the government and the Taliban?

Wasil Ahmad's father died fighting the Taliban and it is believed that the boy was performing his "revenge duties" by also fighting the Taliban despite the fact that he was just 10 years old and was attending primary school.

Teen Boys recruited into the armed forces or insurgent groups are vulnerable to sexual abuse. The women of Afghanistan are off limits and are hidden away in burqas from head to toe. The available sexual outlet for grown men in the military and in the Taliban is boys. This sexual concept is called "Bacha bazi" or "boy play".

Underage boys should not be used as weapons, military puppets or sex toys by any group in Afghanistan.

God save the boys of Afghanistan. They are the future of that country. Amen. 

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