January 20, 2016

Kelli Sue Putnam - a victim of alleged drunk driving in Charlotte, North Carolina

Bronsyn Stewart and Kelli Sue Putnam
Kelli Sue Putnam, age 28, died on January 17, 2016, on a street in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At about 5:00 p.m., Kelli was walking on the sidewalk on a city street when she stepped in front of a car and was fatally injured. She was walking with her boyfriend, Bronsyn Stewart. The couple were walking to a restaurant.

Gregory Alan Wheeling, age 30, is the driver and is charged with driving while impaired causing death. He had four passengers in the car with him. He and his passengers were unharmed.

Gregory Wheeling is innocent unless proven guilty.

However we offer this advice to all drivers: If you find that you are wasted, drunk or doped up on street drugs or prescription drugs or if you are falling asleep on your feet, do NOT drive. Call a family member or a friend for a ride; or take a taxi or a bus; or stay where you are until you sober up; or crawl home on your hands and knees. It will be better for you and for the world if you do.

Regret can last a lifetime.

Kelli was a waitress at a popular South End restaurant. Her co-workers describe her
Greg Wheeling
as a friend and a valued member of their team. They are heartbroken. She will be greatly missed by them all.

Friends describe Kelli as witty, a free spirit, fun to be around, loyal and down to earth. Kelli and her boyfriend had dated for four years. They had planned to marry in 2016.

Kelli was originally from Hamilton in New York State. She graduated from Hamilton High School.

Kelli's loved ones are devastated over her sudden and tragic death. Kelli was a beautiful young woman who had a loving personality. She was loved in return. She did her best. She will be forever mourned.

Kelli is survived by many loving family members and friends who will forever miss her.

Pray for all who die by misadventure. They are with us one moment and are gone before we can say goodbye.

Angels of God, pray for Kelli and for those who have lost her.
Pray for justice for Kelli.

God save us from the drunk and the doped up drivers. They are killing us, Father. Amen.

Pray that Kelli is in Heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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