October 16, 2015

Russ and Jenny Braith and Greg Pint - Good Samaritans in Minnesota

Jenny and Russ Braith
Russ and Jenny Braith, of Montgomery, Minnesota, were on their way to work just after 6:00 a.m. on October 13, 2015. 

They were driving in Rice County in south-eastern Minnesota when they noticed that a vehicle had gone off the road and was sinking into a drainage pond.  

Jenny called 911 and Russ went down to the vehicle and found a man inside struggling to get out. The doors and windows wouldn't open.

Russ was able to flag down another motorist, Greg Pint, of Lonsdale, for help. Greg had a metal pipe in the back of his truck and with it they were able to break the window of the sinking vehicle and pull the driver to safety. 

The Good Samaritan comes to the
aid of strangers, selflessly. 
The vehicle then became totally submerged. 

Larry Stavos, age 67, of Lonsdale, is the man who was rescued.  He was unharmed. The authorities are waiting for toxicology reports to determine if Mr. Stavos was driving while impaired. 

The County Sheriff stated that Mr. Stavos was very lucky to have been seen by Jenny and Russ Braith or he would have ultimately drowned. 

The Sheriff's Office hopes to formally recognize the Good Samaritans in the near future.

Russ and Jenny Braith and Greg Pint are Good Samaritans. 

God bless them and all who come to the aid of strangers. Amen.

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