June 1, 2015

An anonymous female Good Samaritan in Ottawa stops an out of control van

Marc Messier
Marc Messier, age 26, was driving a company delivery van on May 25, 2015, at about 3:15 p.m.

Marc works for a medical supply company and was driving on a major roadway in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, when suddenly he lost consciousness.

The van hit the center median and slowed down but kept on moving.

An anonymous female in her 20's saw that the van was out of control and wanted to get out of its way. However, she saw that the driver was slumped over and appeared unconscious.

At great risk to herself and to her vehicle she managed to pull in front of the moving van, letting it hit her car. She braked and slowed the van to a stop.

She then jumped from her car to offer assistance, along with an off-duty paramedic, who was able to provide medical assistance.

Marc was hospitalized and released. He is undergoing tests to see if doctors can
God bless all who reach
out to help strangers
in distress
determined what caused the blackout.

It has been reported that the young woman is still emotional about the incident and is somewhat humbled by the attention she has received.

Marc and his family have gone on record as thanking this young woman for helping him and for putting herself in harm's way. They describe her as a guardian angel. They will be forever grateful to her.

The Ontario Provincial Police have also expressed their appreciation for the woman's actions in preventing a major tragedy.

God bless the anonymous young woman in Ottawa who came to the aid of Marc Messier.

She is a Good Samaritan.

God bless all who come to the aid of strangers. Amen. 

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