April 17, 2015

Jason Warnock - a Good Samaritan in Idaho

Jason Warnock
On April 15, 2015, at about 8:00 a.m., Jason Warnock was driving through a canyon in Lewiston, Idaho. He was going to work. 

He saw what looked to be a freshly fallen tree, and then an SUV hanging over the edge of a 30 foot cliff.

A broken chain link fence was holding the SUV from falling over the edge. 

A man trapped inside the SUV was trying to break out the windows or push open the door but he wasn't successful. 

Jason thought that he had better do something and fast. No one else was responding. 

Jason scrambled up the hill and tried to break the window but couldn't.  The man inside the SUV was finally able to get the window to open. 

Jason was able to drag Matthew Sitko, age 23, to safety.  He appeared to be in shock. 

The incident was caught on camera by a reporter who had just shown up at the
Jason pulling Matthew from the vehicle

Matthew Sitko was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. He is very grateful to Jason Warnock for helping him in his time of need. 

Jason left the scene and went back to work. He said that he just did what anyone would do. He said that he didn't want all of the media attention.  He would rather be fishing in the mountains. 

Not everyone would have done what Jason did.  Many people are fearful, indecisive and don't step up in times of need. 

Jason did.  He is a Good Samaritan. 

God bless Jason Warnock and all who come to the aid of strangers.  They are the true heroes of the modern era. 

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