March 30, 2015

John Moynihan - a Boston Police officer who needs our prayers

On March 27, 2015, Police Officer John Moynihan, age 34, and several other officers were conducting a routine traffic stop on a street in Roxbury, which is a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. 

John Moynihan (L); Angelo West (Mid); Vanessa Brown (R)
In response to a call that shots had been fired in the area, the police pulled over a vehicle with three occupants in it. An occupant of the stopped vehicle, Angelo West, age 41, jumped out of the car and opened fire on Officer Moynihan, wounding him in the face below his right eye.

The shooter also wounded a woman simply driving by. Vanessa Brown was shot in the arm. Thankfully, she was not seriously wounded. Her condition is improving.

Angelo West started shooting at the other officers but they returned fire and killed him at the scene. He had a lengthy criminal record and a history of violence.

John Moynihan was rushed to a local hospital and was put into a medically induced coma. He underwent emergency surgery to remove a bullet.

The entire incident is under investigation. Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to come forward, adding that witnesses can remain anonymous if they wish.

John is a former Army Ranger who served tours of duty in Iraq. He is a member of the Youth
Pray for John's full
Violence Task Force. He has six years of service with law enforcement.

He received an award at the White House for his efforts during the Boston Marathon Bombing tragedy.

As of this date, John is in stable condition and is improving.

Police officials describe John as a fighter who will pull through. He may, however, have a long road to recovery.

Pray for John's full recovery. Pray that he comes out of this without permanent damage. Amen.

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