March 25, 2015

Grieving doctor in California

Recently, an Emergency Medical Technician took a photo of a doctor outside of a hospital in California. 

The photo shows a doctor reacting to the death of a 19 year old kid who came to a hospital emergency room and who died there. 

The doctor is shaken and grief stricken over this kid's death and fell to his knees. 

After a few minutes he got himself together and went back to his duties in the ER. 

Many people have seen this photo and are moved by it and rightly so.  

We often forget that doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, firemen and police are exposed to dire and upsetting medical situations on a daily basis.

They see a lot of human suffering and tragedy.  They try to help. Often they are not successful and it causes them personal grief and pain. 

God bless the doctors and nurses and all who come to the aid of those in need. Amen. 

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