March 23, 2015

Farkhunda - an Afghan woman beaten to death on the streets of Kabul

Farkhunda, age 27, died on a street in Kabul, Afghanistan, on March 19, 2015. 

Farkhunda - just before
she died
She was beaten to death by a mob of men who believed that she had burned pages of the Qu'ran. 

We have seen the video and are sickened that such an act could occur in the modern era. This woman was kicked, punched in the head, beaten with sticks and had huge stones thrown at her. A crowd of onlookers stared at the spectacle as if this was an everyday occurrence or as if they were watching a sporting event.  Police did not step in to intervene. 

Her corpse was then run over by a car, set on fire and thrown in what passes for a river in Kabul, but which is in reality an open sewer. 

There is not one shred of evidence to show that Farkhunda had burned the Qu'ran. She had recently finished a degree in religious studies and was preparing to take a teaching post. She got into a dispute with a mullah at a particular mosque in Kabul over the selling of religious amulets. She told women not to waste their money on them. The amulet sellers and the mullah were incensed and came up with the story that she was not a Muslim and that she had burned the Islamic holy book. 

She was dragged into the street and the crowd took over from there and killed her immediately without question. 

Many civilized citizens of Afghanistan are shaken and appalled at the murder of this
Taliban beating women.  What future does the
little girl at the right have in this country? 
young woman and are calling for justice. What was left of Farkhunda's body was placed in a coffin and carried to a gravesite by women instead of the usual male pallbearers at Afghani funerals. 

The Afghan government has called for an investigation, has arrested a number of men and has suspended 13 police officers from duty. 

What sort of country is this where women are beaten to death on the streets of the capital city and almost everyone just shrugs their shoulders and thinks that this is just the way it is? 

The minute that the last American or NATO soldier leaves Afghanistan the country will be taken over by the Taliban once again.  They are patiently waiting on the sidelines, pleading to God to bring Afghanistan back into the 14th century and they will eventually get their wish. 

God help the women of Afghanistan.  Amen. 

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