January 14, 2015

Kendra Langham, Mathew Beard-Witt and Matthew Azar - killed by a suspected drunk driver in California

Kendra Langham, age 18, Mathew Beard-Witt, age 18, and Matthew Azar, age 20, died on January 20, 2015, on Interstate 80 near Antelope, California. 

Matt Azar; Kendra Langham; Mathew Beard-Witt
Antelope is a community 15 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento. All three were from Granite Bay, California.

At about 2:00 a.m., Kendra, Mathew and Matt were returning from a dance club in downtown Sacramento. The car was being driven by Matt Azar.

They were struck head-on by a Chrysler SUV driven by Aaron Caudillo, age 24, of Roseville, California. After the impact, both vehicles were unrecognizable.

The Highway Patrol stated that Aaron Caudillo was driving the wrong way on the highway. He had his head-lights off. It is also alleged that Aaron Caudillo may have
been drunk or doped up. Aaron has no previous charges for impaired driving but a large bottle of alcohol was found inside his vehicle.

Kendra, Matthew and Mathew all died at the scene of the collision. Aaron Caudillo is expected to survive his injuries.

All three of the victims were graduates of Granite Bay High School.

Kendra Langham and Mathew Beard-Witt both worked at a Taco Bell in Granite Bay. They were dating.

Co-workers of the two teens stated that they were outstanding employees, great kids, happy, bright, uptempo and cheerful. Kendra was always especially willing to help. They will be forever remembered.

Matthew Azar's family stated that Matt was a good kid who was just starting out in life. He was an aspiring DJ and musician. He was well-liked. His life mattered.

There is a fundraising site to help the families of the victims with expenses, if you wish to contribute.

The families of Kendra, Mathew and Matt are devastated by their tragic and senseless
Angels of God, pray for Kendra, Mathew and Matt and for
those who have lost them
deaths. They will be forever mourned. 

Aaron Caudillo is innocent until proven guilty.  

However, we offer this Advice to All Drivers: If you find that you are wasted, drunk or doped up on street drugs or prescription drugs or if you are falling asleep on your feet, do NOT drive. Call a family member or a friend for a ride; or take a taxi; or stay where you are until you sober up; or crawl home on your hands and knees. It will be better for you and for the world if you do.

Regret can last a lifetime.

Kendra, Mathew and Matt are survived by many loving coworkers, friends and family members.

Their loved ones have suffered an unspeakable loss. Oceans of tears will be shed for these kids.

Pray for justice for Kendra, Mathew and Matt.

God save us from the drunk and the doped up drivers. They are killing us, Father.

Pray that Kendra, Mathew and Matt are in heaven. Pray that they are at peace and are with God. Amen.

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