December 27, 2014

Eddie Cahill - killed by a Pit Bull dog in Indiana

Eddie Cahill and his wife
Eddie Cahill, age 40, died on December 25, 2014, at his home in Portage, Indiana.

Eddie's wife, Bianca, had gone out earlier in the day to visit relatives and didn't return until about 5:00 p.m.

At that time, she found Eddie mauled and bitten to death by his own Pit Bull dog. His body was covered in dog bites and the dog had blood around his muzzle. Another pit bull dog was also present in the house.

Animal control officers had to taser the dog to get it under control. The dog was put down.

A previous police report had stated that the dog was violent and unpredictable.

It has been reported that the dog had been given bones to chew on as a Christmas present and that perhaps the dog went ballistic when Eddie tried to touch one of the bones.

The family has come to the defense of the dog stating that it was not troublesome and that it slept in the bed with Eddie and his wife. They stated that Eddie loved the dogs and that they don't want people to think badly of pit bulls. Eddie and the dog will be cremated and buried together.

We are of a differing opinion. Pit bulls are vicious and unpredictable animals. They were
A Pit Bull Dog
bred 200 years ago for bull baiting, bear baiting and dog fighting. They were never intended to be family pets. They should never be around infants or young children under any circumstances.

They have repeatedly proven that they can kill people, both young and old, including people passing by. They have killed grown women walking in the hallways of their apartment buildings; they have killed 40 year old men jogging by on a country road; they have killed toddlers playing on the floor.

Many towns and cities, counties and states do not allow pit bulls and related breeds within their jurisdictions. Pitbulls are banned outright in a number of European countries, period.

Where are the authorities in Indiana?  Why do you allow Pit Bulls in your state?

Pit Bulls and all related dog breeds should be bred out of existence sooner rather than later.

Death by dog is not acceptable in a civilized country.

Eddie is survived by many loving friends and relatives including his wife, Bianca; and his children.

Pray for all who die by misadventure. They are with us one moment and are gone before we can say goodbye.

Pray that Eddie is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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