November 12, 2014

Joe Chambers and Dante Johnson - Good Samaritans in Philadelphia

Mark Kimsey (L); Joe Chambers (R)
On November 8, 2014, Police Officer Mark Kimsey, age 30, was responding to a priority call at about 5:30 p.m.

Mark is a member of the Philadelphia Police Department. 

As he approached an intersection his patrol car was broadsided by a pickup truck.  The force of the impact dented and jammed the driver's door shut and Mark was trapped inside. 

The police vehicle burst into flames. Mark was disoriented and in shock. He couldn't feel his legs. 

Joe Chambers, age 17, and Dante Johnson, age 24, who were standing near the intersection, rushed to the vehicle to help.  They managed to pull Officer Kimsey out of the window of the burning vehicle. 

Dante Johnson
Joe is a volunteer firefighter with the Leedom Fire Company in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He is a senior at Ridley High School in Folsom, Pennsylvania. 

The 52 year old male driver of the pickup truck was also injured and others pulled him from his vehicle. 

The Good Samaritan comes
to the aid of strangers,
Both Mark Kimsey and the driver of the pickup truck were rushed to a nearby hospital.  Officer Kimsey was released on November 10, 2014, after treatment for trauma to his head from the airbag deployment and burns to his legs. 

Mark Kimsey and Joe Chambers met at the hospital and had a photo taken together. Mark has thanked Joe profusely for coming to his aid.  He also extends his sincere thanks to Dante Johnson. 

Both Joe Chambers and Dante Johnson will receive citations from the City of Philadelphia for helping to save the life of the stricken officer.

God bless Joe Chambers and Dante Johnson who came to the aid of a stranger.

They are Good Samaritans. 

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