November 17, 2014

Barbarism Alert - Peter Kassig - beheaded in Syria

Peter Kassig
Peter Kassig, age 26, of Indianapolis, Indiana, died in mid-November, 2014, somewhere in Syria.

Peter was an aid worker. In October of 2013, he was kidnapped by members of IS (Islamic State) also known as ISIS.

ISIS is a terrorist organisation which claims religious and political authority over all Muslims. Its ambition is to establish a "caliphate" to control Muslim regions of the Middle East including Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus and parts of Turkey.

Peter graduated in 2006 from North Central High School in Indianapolis. He went on to join the Army and had served in Iraq. He was also a certified Emergency Medical Technician.

After his service as an Army Ranger, he had returned to the Middle East and founded a humanitarian group to aid the Syrian people who were suffering in the civil war against the dictator Bashar Al-Assad.

During his captivity, Peter had converted to Islam.  He had also sent his family a letter
Saint Jude, pray for Peter
and for those who have
lost him. Pray for peace.
in which he stated: “If I do die, I figure that at least you and I can seek refuge and comfort in knowing that I went out as a result of trying to alleviate suffering and helping those in need.”

Peter's family are devastated over his needless and tragic death. He is their treasured son who died because he came to the aid of others. They are extremely proud of him. He will be forever mourned.

Peter is survived by many loving friends and family members including his parents, Paula and Ed Kassig.

Pray for Peter's family. They have suffered an unspeakable loss.

Thank you for trying to make a difference, Peter.

Men like Peter are the real heroes of the modern era. 

God save us from the barbarians. God save us from War. 

Pray that Peter is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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