October 20, 2014

Michael Alcala and Two other Good Samaritans - burning house rescue - Fresno, California

On October 18, 2014, Michael Alcala, age 26 and two other men (who are unidentified) came across a house fire at a duplex on a Fresno street. 
The unnamed Good Samaritan
in the baseball cap

The fire had started in the garage and had quickly spread to the house.

They heard a woman crying out for help stating that her father was trapped inside. The woman, Roberta Francis, had managed to get her baby grandson to safety. 

They could hear a man yelling for help but couldn't see him because of the heavy smoke. 

Robert Wells, age 73, was last seen in his kitchen. 

Michael Alcala made his way around the flames and over a side fence to the backyard where Robert Wells was found gasping for air. Michael and an unnamed man started carrying Robert to safety.  Just then there was a huge explosion in the garage. 
The Good Samaritan reaches
out to others, selflessly.

A third man, in a Dodger's baseball cap, and also unidentified at this time, stepped in, threw Robert Wells over his shoulder and carried him to the safety of the street. 

That man disappeared after the rescue. 

Robert Wells would like the unnamed man who last carried him to come forward so that he can thank him personally. 

God bless Michael Alcala, the man in the Dodger's cap and the other unnamed man who came to the aid of a stranger. 

They are the Good Samaritans.  They are the true heroes of the modern world. 

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