August 2, 2014

Christine Robinson - murdered during a robbery in South Africa

Christine and her husband, Robbie, in happier times
Christine Robinson, age 59, died on July 30, 2014, at her lodge near Thabazimbi, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

She owned the Rra-Ditau Safari Lodge. The lodge is situated on 125 acres and can accommodate 30 guests.

Christine was badly beaten and stabbed in the neck and a large sum of cash was stolen from the premises. She had withdraw the cash to pay her employees. She was found in her private wing of the lodge. Sadly, she succumbed to her injuries.

Christine was originally from Liverpool, England and was a retired teacher. She had taught English to children at various international schools in Europe, the Middle East and China. She had moved to South Africa in 2002 with her husband, Robbie, to run the lodge. When her husband died of cancer in 2012, she decided to stay on and to continue with the business.

Two of the lodge workers are being sought by police in connection with this murder.

Murders of white landowners are common in South Africa. 
Father, place Christine on the stairway
to Heaven

Christine's family and friends are devastated over her sudden and tragic death. Family members describe Christine as a wonderful woman who was warm, welcoming, kind-hearted, talkative and well-liked. It has been stated that Christine treated her employees like family.

She will be forever mourned.

Pray for justice for Christine.

God save us from the thieves. They are killing us, Father.

Pray that Christine is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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